PFAFF sewing machines performance icon
PFAFF sewing machines performance icon

PFAFF sewing machines performance icon

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The PFAFF® performance icon™ executes better than anything you’ve ever experienced. You will have full control over all of your projects down to the nest detail— so you can impress yourself with the perfect possibilities.


  • Largest working area at 12.2in width and 5.1in height (310mm and 140mm)

  • Multi-touch tablet-screen with swipe, pinch and zoom functions

  • Innovative lighting designed for the brightest work space and the most even light disbursement

  • Strongest needle piercing power, ideal for thicker and multi-layered fabrics

  • Larger stitch plate with markings on both sides up to 2-1/2in (63.5mm)

  • Largest height under sewing head at 3in (76.2mm)

  • 10.1in (257mm) display screen area, a 68% increase

  • Strongest needle piercing power, ideal for thicker and multi-layered fabrics

**Market Leading features are when compared to other top-of-line sewing only machines including HUSQVARNA VIKING® EPIC™ 980Q, Brother Dream Weaver VQ 3000, Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400, Babylock Crescendo and Bernina 740.



  • All-new custom graphical user interface

  • PFAFF® performance icon™ Help Center with tutorials, techniques, quick start guide, and user’s manual

  • Unique app for connectivity: PFAFF CreatorCue™ app

  • Exclusive ActivStitch™ system for ideal thread portioning

  • Enhanced Original IDT™ system for perfect sewing

  • Change Placement And Size Of On Screen Tools

  • Exclusive stitch technique–Triple Ribbon Stitches (10)

  • Exclusive stitch technique–Floating Stitches (23)

  • Exclusive stitch technique–Radiant Stitches (13)

  • Exclusive stitch technique–Lace Edge (6)

  • Exclusive stitch technique–Stacking Stitches (30)

  • Rubberized storage compartment

  • 360-degree machine redesign with ergonomic styling

  • Full-length handle for balance and easy to carry