Singer sewing machine Heavy Duty HD6605C Digital Sewing Machine

Singer sewing machine Heavy Duty HD6605C Digital Sewing Machine

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    • Features

      • 215 Stitch applications
      A wide range of sewing techniqies for creativity and customization.
    • Enhanced piercing power
      More power for thick fabic layers.
    • Extra high sewing speed
      Professional speed for faster results.
    • LCD screen
      Clearly displays your selected stitch, as well as stitch settings for length and width.
    • Touch button stitch selection
      Use the buttons under the LCD window to select your stitch, and also view your stitch length and width settings.
    • 6 x 1 Step button hole
      Create consistent buttonholes in a style to suit your needs.
    • Thread knife
      Cut the thread with the integrated cutter on the head of the machine.
    • Quick and easy threading
      Features easy-to-follow threading guides
    • Needle threader
      Effortlesss threading of the needle for a faster start.
    • Drop and sew bobbin
      Easy to see and to thread for a faster start.

    • Heavy duty metal frame
      Full interior metal frame provides long lasting durability.

    • LED lighting
      Clear view of the sewing area while reducing shadows.

    • Drop feed
      Allows for multiple sewing techniques

    • Adjustable stitch length and width
      Customise stitches for creative techniques

    • Free arm
      Sew hems and cuffs with ease

    • Stainless steel bed plate
      Fabric, buttons, and zippers will glide smoothly over the machine’s surface.