Triumph Light LED A3Light Pad with angle stand
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Triumph Light LED A3Light Pad with angle stand

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Triumph Led Light Pad A3 White 345mm x 470mm x 5mm

  • Super Bright Lighting
  • Adjustable Illumination
  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Extra confort working area
  • Easily fits an A3 sheet or 2 x A4 sheets
  • Ready to use out of the box

21st century design, Triumph’s new A3 LED Light Pad is large enough for most applications yet thin enough to use on most desks. Use it for anything from tracing out patterns, creating a new designs, even working on the new Diamond Dotz kits easily, you will see perfectly clear as the LED lighting covers a 290mm x 410mm area of the Light Pad. The bright white light is adjustable with handy finger tip light control on the panel to suit different project requirements and an automatic memory will hold this adjustment until reset. The non-slip foot pads prevent any movement on the desk or work surface. The LED Light Pad generates no heat. It is powered by the mains power adapter which is includedin the box.